Prayer for a Child

Dear God, he’s such a little tad,
He’s such a small, sweet, tiny lad,
The shyest of the six we have!
Curled, dark lashes like his Dad,
And eyes so soft and brown,
Now, so filled with wonder at the pain he’s found.

Before he’s always trusted us to make him well,
And with our loving lips, we’d kiss the fingertips
That came too near the fire; or when he fell
We’d gather him into our arms and quickly say
We’d sooth and smooth the little bruise away.

But, oh, today the pain’s so big….
It covers almost all of him.
We can but sit, and watch, and wait; and pray
Against this hurt we cannot kiss away.
Oh, God, we are too small to cope with this
But maybe You can spare a kiss!