First Day of School

How confident, how unafraid you are!
Your brown eyes shine
As bright as any star,
This morning, dear.
I hide a tear
In mine.
Your little chin is firm and high.
My fingers tremble
As I tie
Your blue hair ribbon.
You want your pencil and your pad,
You say?
I hate to see you march away
So eagerly today.
Stand still a moment, dear.
There’s a curl here
That’s out of place,
You’ve such a baby face,
I can’t believe that you are six.
Here, let me fix
Your left shoe lace.
There now! Yes, you’re ready, dear.
I know, I hear the bell.
It is the first. It is to tell
You to get there on time.
Be careful when you cross the street.
Be good, darling, Kiss me.
Goodbye, sweet!