Nicholas Hauck

Birth: 10 Dec 1824, Grosselfingen, Hechingen, Germany
or 1828, Hechingen, Germany
Death: 18 Oct 1896, Sainte Genevieve, MO
Occ: 1860, According to Census-Master Shoemaker

Nicholas Hauck was born in Germany to Joseph Hauck and Rosalie Dehner. He learned the shoemaker trade before leaving Germany. Nicholas came to America in the 1840's. A Nicholas Hauck appears on a passenger list for the ship “John Holland” sailing from Le Havre to New Orleans. Also on the list are several Dehners, including Xaver Dehner, age 23; and Catherine Keck, age 25. The passengers were all farmers from Baden going to Missouri. Could this possibly be our Nicholas?

Nicholas married Catherine Barbara Keck in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1848, The witnesses to their marriage were Eustachus Buck/Beck & Philip Volm. They had their first two children in St. Louis. Sometime before March of 1853, when their third child was born, the family moved to Ste. Genevieve.

Nicholas and his wife, Catherine Barbara, had nine children in all. The first seven were girls. The story was always told that in 1861 when his first son was born Nicholas Hauck named him after famous Confederates. He rode through town in a drunken celebration, shouting the child's name, which did not go over well with the Union troops in the area. Anxious to catch him they surrounded his house and made his wife, Barbara, take down the window coverings so that they would be able to see if he tried to sneak into the house during the night. Barbara had to stand near the corner of the room and hold her skirts out at the side to hide the girls as they would dress. To make matters worse, one of the soldiers had a crush on one of the older girls.

By 1860 Nicholas owned real estate valued at $1500.00 and had personal property valued at $1000.00. Tax records for 1861 show that he paid taxes on two pieces of real estate. One was a house and lot located on the west side of Fourth Street and bounded by the Gabouri Creek on the south; the other was a house and lot in Kern's Addition. Each property was valued at $600.00.

Spouse: Catherine Barbara KECK
Birth: 1824, Baden
Death: 26 Sep 1906, Ste. Genevieve, MO
Father: Josef KECK
Mother: Antonia HAUCK
Marr: 28 May 1848, Saint Louis, MO
Children: Rosina (1849-1901)
  Mary Anna (1851->1906)
  Emily Josephine (1853-1887)
  Cornelia/Caroline (1855->1906)
  Julia Margaret (1857-1912)
  Catherine Barbara (1859->1906)
  Louise Wilhelmina (1859-1941)
  Joseph Jefferson Davis Beauregard (1861-1927)
  Charles Herman Nicholas (1864->1906)

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