Marie Anna Vorst

Birth: 7 Apr 1873, Sainte Genevieve, MO
Death: 3 Mar 1934, Sainte Genevieve, MO
Burial: 6 Mar 1934, Valle Spring Cemetery

Both Marie and her daughter Marie Wood were great cooks and cooked at the Southern Hotel.

Ste. Genevieve Herald

Ste. Genevieve, Missouri
Dec. 10, 2003
75 Years Ago - 1928
A delightful surprise party was given to Mrs. James Moore, Sr., at her home in the Southern Hotel on Monday afternoon in honor of her birthday anniversary. A very pleasant afternoon was had and the amiable hostess entertained her guests with a ‘500’ game at which many pretty tokens were awarded. Luncheon and refreshments were served. We wish Mrs. Moore many happy returns of her natal day.

photo of Marie Anna Vorst
Marie Anna Vorst
Saturday, 28 Jun 1884
The annual examination and exhibition of the young lady students at St. Francis de Sales' Academy, conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph, was held in the School Hall of that institution on Friday, 20 inst.

There was a fair audience when the exercises commenced, at 9 a.m. In the afternoon every seat was occupied. Songs, recitations, instrumental music, calisthenics, dialogues, and class examinations constituted the exercise.

The songs rendered by the vocal class were sweetly and beautifully given, the harmony and gradual swell of the voices being almost perfect. The solo, with chorus ‘Father will settle the bill,’ by Miss Susie LECOMPTE, was a gem, charmingly done as only Miss Susie can. Miss Annie ANDRÉ recited ‘The Charcoal Man’ with much skill and good taste. The tones of her voice were pure and clear, and her demeanor modest and unaffected. Miss Camilla DUPONT, in her difficult recitation, ‘Curfew shall not ring to-night,’ gave proof of much intelligence, and her performance was quite graceful.

The numerous concert recitations were admirably rendered, even surpassing those of former years. The instrumental music being in the hands of Misses Lulu NAUMANN, Emma LECOMPTE, Maggie KEMPF, etc., was, of course, excellent. Miss Marie VORST distinguished herself in the junior class examinations. Miss Minnie VIEH, another junior, also attracted much attention for her brightness. Misses Marie LAGRAVE and Odile JANIS also acquitted themselves creditably. The guitar playing of Miss L. NAUMANN formed an interesting feature of the entertainment. Many of the other young ladies distinguished themselves, but we have not space for an extended notice.

Many of the class examinations were up to the usual standard. Rev. Father HUETTLER subjected his class in Bible History to a searching cross-examination, but the young ladies were on their mettle, and parried all his thrusts. The song, ‘Mrs. Fozarty's Christmas Cake,’ was well sung by Miss Irma ANDRÉ.

At the close, about 5:30 p.m., Rev. Father WEISS paid the students some well merited compliments and read the ‘Roll of Honor,’ in which were enumerated the merit marks of those young ladies whose percentages amounted to 500 or more, this year. We regret that we have not obtained the list for publication. On the whole, the commencement exercises reflected much credit on the Sisters of St. Joseph and their fine Academy.

Spouse: James N. MOORE
Birth: 18 Nov 1867, MO
Death: 29 Dec 1938
Father: William Jefferson MOORE (1840-1895)
Mother: Mary Jane CHANDLER (1842-1887)
Marr: 18 Jul 1891, Sainte Genevieve, MO
Children: William Vorst "Knockout" (1892-1957)
  Charlotte Blanche (1895-)
  Jules Leo (1897-1969)
  Marie Anna (1899-1973)
  Charles Edgar "Skinny" (1901-1959)
  James Joseph (1902-1955)

William Vorst "Knockout" MOORE*

Birth: 14 Dec 1892, Jackson, MO
Death: 4 Mar 1957
Burial: Valle Spring Cemetery
Occ: 1920, Cooper at the lime works

"Knockout" was always said to have been a riverboat captain. Census for 1930 says he was a deck hand. According to his WWI draft registration he was of medium build and height; had blue eyes and light hair. He was employed by his uncle, Joseph Vorst, as a laborer. He had a wife and 2 children and had served one year and a half in the artillery.

Spouse: Mary Hattie MORICE
Birth: 20 Feb 1891, Bloomsdale, MO
Death: 29 May 1921 (Died: In childbirth)
Father: Henry MORICE (~1856-)
Mother: Honoria LAROSE (-<1900)
Marr: bef 1914
Children: Earl (1914-1973)
  Marie (1916-2003)
  Maurice Vorst "Frinnie" (1919-1986)
Spouse #2: Hebe A. OPERLE

William Vorst "Knockout" MOORE* (See above)

Spouse: Hebe A. OPERLE
Birth: 18 Oct 1900, River Aux Vases, MO
Death: 9 Jan 1960
Father: George OPERLE (~1871-<1957)
Mother: Anna Mary STUETZ (1872-1957)
Marr: 1924
Children: Russell (1924-)
  Vorst Joseph (1926-2008)
  George (1929-1973)
  Anna (1938->2003)
Spouse #1: Mary Hattie MORICE

Charlotte Blanche MOORE

Birth: 28 Sep 1895

Jules Leo MOORE

Birth: 17 Jul 1897 or 17 Aug 1897
Death: 24 Mar 1969
Spouse: Elsie NEUBRAND
Father: Charles F. NEUBRAND
Mother: Mary E. SPOUT
Marr: 18 Jul 1920
Children: Jules L. (1928-2002)
  Elsie Marie (1924-1998)

Marie Anna MOORE

Birth: 18 Aug 1899, MO
Death: 28 Apr 1973, Ste. Genevieve, MO
Burial: 30 Apr 1973, Valle Spring Cemetery

Ste. Genevieve Herald

Wed., August 8, 2001
84 Years Ago - 1917
Miss Marie Moore entertained a number of her young friends at a lawn party last Monday evening in honor of Miss Adele Kauffmann of St. Louis.

Feb. 19, 2003
50 Years Ago - 1953
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Moore and Mrs. Fred Wood of Ste. Genevieve departed for Washington D.C. last Sunday morning where they will visit Mr. and Mrs. Moore's daughter and Mrs. Wood's son, A/2c Edgar Wood, who is stationed in the Capitol. They expect to be gone about a week or 10 days.

Spouse: Fred WOOD
Birth: 14 Jun 1894, La Salle, IL
Death: 18 Mar 1952, St. Louis, MO
Father: Steven WOOD
Mother: Alice STODDARD
Marr: 25 Apr 1925
Children: Fred James (1927-1974)
  Edgar Charles (1933-2004)
  George Francis (1936-2003)

Charles Edgar "Skinny" MOORE

Birth: 10 Jan 1901, Lebanon, IL
Death: 28 May 1959, Sainte Genevieve, Mo
Burial: Valle Spring Cemetery
Occ: 1920, Worked in a garage

Residence 1930 - North Sixth Street

Spouse: Stella O. BOYER
Birth: 14 Dec 1901, Sainte Genevieve, Mo
Death: 7 Nov 1986, Sainte Genevieve, Mo
Father: Ed BOYER
Mother: Sophie GROBE
Marr: 29 Jan 1922, Saint Louis, MO
Children: Edgar C. (~1922-~1924)
  Stella Mae (1926-)
  Nelda (1931-)
  Margie Marie (1934-2004)

James Joseph MOORE

Birth: 4 Nov 1902
Death: 18 Oct 1955
Burial: Valle Spring Cemetery
Occ: 1920, worked at a barbershop

Ste. Genevieve Herald

75 Years Ago - 1926
Tuesday morning of this week, while en route to St. Louis, James J. Moore and children, Normajene, Peggy and Joy, experienced an accident on Highway 61, at Imperial, when their car accidentally skidded at a curve on the concrete, turning around twice before leaving the highway and turning over twice in a 12-foot ditch and landing on the car's top. An ambulance was summoned and the entire party taken to St. Anthony's Hospital St. Louis, where it was found that Normajene had sustained a fractured collarbone and cuts while the others escaped with minor cuts and bruises. That same day Edgar Moore and Mrs. James J. Moore went to St. Louis and brought back the victims, who are now under the care of a local physician. The car is considered a complete wreck.

Spouse: Agnes POINDEXTER
Birth: 27 Dec 1905
Death: 30 Apr 1992
Father: Cleave M. POINDEXTER (1876-1914)
Mother: Odile Mary GODIER (1887-1947)
Marr: 8 Jun 1924
Children: Norma Jean (1925-2003)
  Peggy Lee (1927-2000)
  Reva Joy (1928-2002)

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