November 18, 2009

This is information that I have been able to gather on some of my mother’s ancestors in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri. My mother was the writer, Myrtle Vorst Sheppard. Her mother was Louise André, who married Léon Charles Vorst. Léon and Louise (better known as Lalla) were both born in Sainte Genevieve of immigrant fathers.

Because Lalla’s father, Damien André, died at only 43 years of age we know little about him. His older brother, Maurice, became a prominent physician and we have much more information on him, including a passport application, which gives a good physical description of him. Fortunately we have many old family photos.

This research of the family has taken many years and I have learned a good deal but there is always more to discover. If anyone has information to add please contact me.

This information is free to be used for research purposes but if you quote directly from my work please cite the source.

Louise Vorst Sheppard Wade

Some families related to the Andres and the Vorsts

There are several families in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, which are related to the Vorst and André families through marriages. One family, the Oberle family, is related to both the Vorst and the André families. Damian André married Julia Hauck whose sister Rosina married Louis Naumann.

Some Vorst relations from Germany came to settle in Missouri – the Langhardts and Joseph Paul Vorst, the artist. The Zieglers and the Moores are included in the Vorst Family book.

Through Anna Marie Scherer, who married Joseph Johannes Vorst, the family is related to the many Scherers and also the Fitzkams in Sainte Genevieve.

Here is a list of the families in this edition:

    Nicholas Hauck
    Louis Naumann
    Joseph Oberle
    Johann Langhardt
    Nicholas Scherer
    Philip Fitzkam
    Jean Francois DuPont (added 7/10/11)
    Louis J. DelCommune (added 7/2/11)