The Ziegler Photo Album

These pictures are copied from a beautiful old photo album given to me by my cousin Charlotte Blanche Moebes. I have used some of these photos to illustrate the family history. The album is slowly disintegrating but the photos are still in good shape. Most appear to have been taken by professional photographers in Ste. Genevieve and St. Louis. Some have notations written in pencil clearly naming the subject. Others have notes like “My great aunt.” Some are a total mystery. Many names are misspelled but I noted them as they were written. My notes on the Ziegler album photos are in parenthesis.

From the few clues the album gives, it seems that it may have been assembled by Lois Ziegler, who lived for a time with her grandmother, Josephine Vorst Ziegler. The photo labeled “My great great grandfather” is definitely Nicholas Scherer. “My great aunt” is probably Josephine’s younger sister, Marie Vorst, who married James Moore. Although it could be a sister or sister-in-law of Henry Clay Ziegler she looks like a Vorst to me.

The “Cousins from Germany” is especially interesting and it would be nice to know for certain who these people are. There is an inscription on the back saying “from your brother Johann” and the picture was taken in Essen. Joseph Johannes Vorst had a brother Johann, so again, I believe this to be a Vorst photo.

If anyone can provide more information on any of these pictures please let me know.

Louise Vorst Sheppard Wade
October 25, 2009

The cover of the old Ziegler photo album

Mrs. H. C. Ziegler
(Josephine Vorst)

Mrs. H. C. Ziegler

My Great Great Grandfather
(Nicholas Scherer)

Fr. Charles Fitzkam

Henry Fitzkam

Charles Fitzkam

Mary Scherer Fitzkam

Joseph Fitzkam

Mr. Teeth

Joseph Henry Vorst

(Jennie Biel with her grandmother)


Mrs. Steigle

Miss A. Moreau


Miss Dora Rozier

Mrs. Talpke


My great aunt
(Probably Marie Vorst Moore)

Mrs. Hopkins
(Isabel Vorst)


Mrs. Hamm

Lily Boyer

Cousins from Germany

(Reverse side inscribed “… from your brother Johann.”)

Mrs. Oconer

Miss T. Wagner

Oscar Boyer


Mrs. Henry Rozier

Miss Ella Harris






Great Uncle Frank Ziegler

Mr. Ham


(This is a tiny picture on tin)

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