There is a Difference

Big things make ambitions:
Vaulted domes,
Great buildings,
Tall and white;
A navy’s strength,
An army’s might;
Giant clipper ships
That ply by night
The air’s vast seas;
Triumphal marches,
Far-flung colonies.
Emperors on bended knees;
A monument in bronze.
The rosy dawns
Of many victories!

Such little things make dreams:
A shady lawn,
A shingled cottage,
Green and white;
A bowl of pottage,
Seasoned right;
A dozing house cat,
Plump and sleek;
A narrow friendly creek;
The sunset’s red,
A pansy bed,
A baby’s yellow tousled head;
Old familiar words half-said,
A simple promise shining bright,
Contentment on a summer night!