Prayer for the Seasons

Please, God, that I may ever watch,
In childish fascination,
As the seasons pass.
Please, God, that I may ever hear,
With childhood’s keen appreciative ear,
The summer’s low-voiced whisperings
Among the tall green meadow grass.
Please, God, that I may never fear
The winter with its glass-clear,
Icy breath, but may, instead,
On tiptoe stand, reaching
A child-like, eager hand
Toward the gray clouds shaking down
White snowflakes on the barren land.
And, God, please grant that I
May never grow too old to know
A child’s elation at the first faint glow
Of spring, marking with quick delight
The robins’ northward flight,
The blue-bright birth of violets
At a small stream’s edge.
And let gold leaves of autumn
Ever be to me the rarest treasure
That I hold. Dear God, let winter,
Summer, spring and fall all be for me
A blessed, breath-taking tapestry,
Knowing their beauty comes from Thee!