I Thank You, Lord!

I thank You, Lord,
For all the kindness You have shown.
For all the loving care that I have known
Through this past year.
I have been blessed abundantly.
I face the coming winter without fear,
Feeling Your presence ever near,
Knowing Your love surrounds me night and day.
Oh, I would shout from highest mountains
All the thanks I have to say,
Or sing out with the volume of the mightest sea
My gratitude for all the blessings
You’ve bestowed on me:
For home and food, for freedom, hope, and love.
But thanks, I find, are humble heart-bound things
That must be lifted heavenward on prayer’s bright wings,
So I am one with silent men who kneel to thank You
For a bounteous yield from seeds they sow,
And gentle womenfolk who bow their heads and whisper low
In gratitude for simple joys they know!