First Date

Bend lower, dear!
I’ll pin the flowers in your hair.
Here is your bag; and don’t forget
To wear your bracelet with the friendship
Charms. I wonder, will your arms
Be cool without a wrap?
I’m glad you took a nap this afternoon.
You look so fresh and sweet.
Now, watch your feet!
There are yards and yards of swish
Around your ankles to get tangled in.
Here, let me pin your flowers
A little higher.
Bill will admire your dress, I’m sure.
I’m glad he is so blond and tall
And clean. Dad was as lean as he,
When he was seventeen.
Oh, how my heart was singing
That first night I had a date
With him! Perhaps, it’s just a whim,
But I would like for you and Bill
To stop at the old bridge
Across the hill, and to stand still
There in the moonlight just a moment.
There is a certain sort of blessing
In that spot, I think. Oh, hurry now!
The doorbell’s ringing. Run quickly, dear;
But watch your feet.
Good-bye! Be good! Be sweet!