A Perfect Day

It was a lovely day,
A summer day…. filled with fragrance
And with sweet surprises,
As we climbed the rugged slope
That rises above Grandfather’s
North Forty and paused to rest
At the hill’s crest,
Where we could stare across the river,
Imagining ourselves as voyageurs of long ago
Who piled their trade on flatboats
Up and down its waters.
We watched a pair of otters
Frolicking along the shore;
Then, turning homeward, filled our pails
With treasures that we found among
The purple-hooped blackberry brakes,
And farther on we saw a young fox squirrel
Nibbling acorns on a rotted stump.
We saw him jump onto a tall oak tree,
And heard him scolding us
From its high branches;
And when we reached the house,
Grandmother said our cheeks were red as cherries
And she rewarded us with warm sweet buns
And cream upon our berries!