Nicholas Scherer

Birth: 1811, Prussia
Death: 19 Oct 1891, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri
Burial: Valle Spring Cemetery, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri
photo of Nicholas Scherer
Nicholas Scherer

The Scherer family arrived at Castle Garden in New York on July 31, 1858. The passenger list for the ship shows that Nicolas, 48; Anna, 41; Anna 13; Jacob, 7; Phillip 5; John 6; and Maria, ½ traveled “between decks” which meant steerage class.

On August 4, 1885, Nicholas Scherer purchased property from Mary Harris for $850.00. The property is described in the deed as:

All of lots (10) ten and (11) eleven in Block numbered (2) Two in "Ziegler's Addition to the said city of Ste. Genevieve," Bounded north by Lahaye Street, South by Lot numbered twelve, East by Lot numbered nine of said Block numbered two, west by Laporte Street, being forty five feet more or less front, and one hundred and twenty five feet in depth.

The census for 1870 lists Nicholas as sixty years old and a farmer and head of household with John, age 20, and Philip, age 18. Nicholas appears in the 1880 census as a member of the household of John and Sophia Bahr Scherer in Quarrytown, Ste. Genevieve. Nicholas died of gastro enteritis after being ill for eight days. He had lived in Missouri for 33 years, which would confirm that he came there about 1858. A newspaper printed the following:

The will of Mr. Nicholas Scherer was admitted to probate last Wednesday. The estate is valued at about $16,000 and Joseph Fitzkam is appointed executor without bond.
After directing the executor to pay his funeral expenses and all just debts, Mr. Scherer disposed of his property as follows:

To his daughter, Mary Fitzkam, he gives the use and occupancy of his farm, containing 54 acres, together with rents and products thereof, for fouteen years. At the end of fourteen years or in case of death of Mary Fitzkam before the expiration of that time, the farm goes to her children.

He places the sum of $11,500 in the hands of the executor to loan out at interest and to pay the interest to his four children, Mary Fitzkam, interest on $1,800; Anna Vorst, interest on $2,700; John Scherer, interest on $4,000 annually for fourteen years. At the end of that time or in case of death of Mary Fitzkam, John Scherer and Philip Scherer before the expiration of fourteen years he directs that the sums given to the parents be immediately divided among the children share and share alike.

In case of death of Mrs. Anna Vorst or at the end of fourteen years the amount given her is to be divided among her children as follows: to Josephine, wife of H. C. Ziegler, $200; to Belle Vorst, $625; to Marie, wife of James Moore, $625; to Joseph Vorst, $625; to Leon Vorst, $625. The remainder of his estate is given to his four children to be divided equally.

The will futhermore states that if any of the legatees contest said will, they will forfeit all claims to any gifts made in the will and such gifts will become a part of the remainder of the estate and be divided among those who do not contest will.

Ste. Genevieve Herald

April 2, 1892:
We were this week shown a marble monument which is to be erected over the grave of the late Nicholas Scherer. The work was executed by Amandee Boyer and is really first-class. The monument may be seen at the hardware store of Henry Okenfuss on 3rd and Merchant streets.

photo of Marble monument for Nicholas Scherer
Marble monument for Nicholas Scherer
Spouse: Anna Maria SCHOOR
Birth: abt 1817, Prussia
Death: 10 Sep 1862
Father: Petrus SCHOOR
Mother: Apollonia MOHR
Marr: 16 Jun 1839, Kobern, Prussia
Children: Anna M. (1840-1915) - married Joseph Johannes Vorst
  Maria Anna (1844-) – married Christophorus Neuhaeuser
  Jacob (1845-)
  John (1848-1894) – married Mary Sophia Bahr
  Philip (1851->1915) – married Louise Meyer
  George (~1852-)
  Mary J. (1856-1942) - married Henry Fitzkam
  Joseph (~1858-)
  Isabel (1861-)

Only four of the Scherer children seem to have survived Nicholas Scherer – Anna, Mary, John and Philip. Philip eventually moved to California but John remained in Ste. Genevieve and farmed. He and his wife Mary Sophia had nine children.

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