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André Genealogy

This website was created to share our family history through, stories, memories, photos and collected information. For the past twenty years, my sister and I have been researching our family history, our cousin Jeanne has been collecting family history for longer than that. We have been the family 'griots'. From the past to the present, our journey has taken us to places near and far. On a quest to gain insight of how we came to be who we are, from Mexico, France and Africa they came, some by choice, others by chain. Our goal is to continue to capture, preserve and share our family history. For history not shared is history lost.

The Foundation for Restoration of Ste. Genevieve

The FRSG was founded in 1967 with the expressed purpose of promoting preservation and restoration of historic structures and other property that illustrate Ste. Genevieve’s early history and culture. The Foundation also supports the acquisition of knowledge concerning the early settlements and its people by maintaining and sharing the area’s history with the public.