Dr. Victor John André

Birth: 8 Dec 1869, Prairie du Rocher, IL
Death: 9 Jan 1928, Osceola, Mississippi County, Arkansas
Burial: André-Bernays plot, Valle Spring Cemetery, Ste. Gen.
Occ: 1902, U. S. Veterinary Surgeon in the Philippines

Ste. Genevieve Herald

100 Years Ago – 1901
January 3, 2001
"Dr. V. J. ANDRÉ, Veterinary Surgeon, has returned from East St. Louis, Illinois and can now be found at his office on Second and Washington Streets."

100 Years Ago - 1903
December 24, 2003
"H. L. Siebert and V.J. ANDRÉ spent a few hours fishing on the Saline last Friday afternoon. They brought home with them 42 croppie which they caught in 40 minutes."

100 Years Ago – 1901
Feb. 7, 2001.
" V. J. ANDRÉ'S horse started off from Jos. Vaeth's residence Monday morning at a lively gait. At the corner of 4th and Market the rig came in contact with a post, and the horse then went down to the railroad with nothing but the shafts behind him. Nobody hurt."

Sometime between 1900 & 1910 Victor moved to Arkansas. In 1914 he is listed as a licensed veterinarian in TN with a residence in Osceola, AR.

Spouse: Irma Strickland
Birth: Feb 1890, Arkansas
Father: Matthew Strickland (1859-?)
Mother: Rebecca [--?--] (1860->1900)
Marr: 28 Mar 1922, Little Rock, AR

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