Charles Edward André

Birth: 8 Dec 1863, Sainte Genevieve County, Mo
Death: 19 Jul 1948, Nampa, Idaho

Charles “Ed” André was born of a liaison between Maurice André and a slave, Jane Woods, prior to Maurice’s marriage to Clementine Bernays. Jane later married John Arthur. Charles was baptized 2/3/1864.

photo of Charles Edward André
Charles Edward André
"Charles Edward André lived with Maurice André from the approx ages 7 - 13 years at which time he served the family as a house boy. In return he was educated in literature and music. Because of the difficulties he endured in the home and feelings of inequality he left Missouri at the age of 13. Edward worked on riverboats as a musician (violinist) to support himself in the following years." Kathryn Greene-Grant, descendant of Charles.

Ed married Amanda Chouteau Dodge on September 24, 1884, in Ste. Genevieve. She was born there on February 15, 1863 and died in Nampa, Idaho, on June 2, 1951.

Found in Deed Book 43, Page 467, Ste. Genevieve Recorder's Office: A deed of trust dated 2/4/1895 showing that Edward and Amanda André borrowed $150.00 from Joseph and Anna Vorst, using their property located on the southwest corner of Fifth and Market Streets (Block 26) as collateral. The note was paid in a timely fashion and cancelled. The property, once owned by Joseph Jokerst, had been sold to Charles and Amanda by Rev. Weiss on March 2,1892. That deed is recorded in Book 46, Page 277.

"Died due to injuries sustained in an auto incident three years prior." K G-G

Children: Elfred Agnes (1885-)
  Mary Henriette (1886-1893)
  Eugenia Amanda Leonia (1887-1997)
  Irving Charles (1889-)
  Russell Sylvester (1890-)
  Oliver Vincent (1892-1935)
  Hildegarde (1893-)
  Antoine Preston Dodge (1897-1988)
  Blanche J. (1902-)
  Martin "Billy" (1905-1923)
  Georgianna Loretta (1905-1987)
  Erma (1907-)
  Elreno Cecilia (1911-1930)

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