Alice Beatrice Vorst

Birth: 26 Nov 1909, Sainte Genevieve, MO
Death: 23 Feb 1996, Saint Louis, MO
Burial: 27 Feb 1996, Valle Spring Cemetery
Educ: Attended S.E.Missouri Teachers College and Missouri University in Columbia

From the Ste. Genevieve Herald:

75 Years Ago - 1927
Misses Vernetta Sexauer, Alice Vorst and Bertha Louise Eydmann returned to Columbia to resume their studies at Missouri University last Sunday after having spent a long weekend at home.

75 Years Ago - 1929
Nineteen students of the school of music at the Teachers College, Cape Girardeau, participated in a public recital Wednesday night in the college auditorium. Among the students who took part in the program was Miss Alice Vorst of Ste. Genevieve.

According to an article on the schools that appeared in the Herald in 1932, Alice was teaching in the Ste. Genevieve grade school for $85.00.

Eighth Grade class - 1923:

Mary Wehner Agnes Moreau
Wilma Miller Wilma Schuler
Agnes Armbruster Cornelia Rottler
Elvina Stuppy Edwin Giesler
Margaret Petrequin Lloyd Lalamondier
Dorothy Rickard Thomas Herzog
Lucille Naumann Lucille Naumann
Myriel Rehm Emmanual Baumann
Marie Siebert Carol Delcommune
Anna Schweigert Robert Lanning
Margerie Boverie Francie Roth
Alice Vorst Wilfred Morice
Maud Morice

Valle High graduating class 1927:

Emmanuel Baumann Myriel Rehm
Margery Boverie Francis J. Roth
Lloyd Lalumadier Marie T. Siebert
Robert Lanning Darsie Trautmann
Wilma A. Miller Alice B. Vorst
Agnes Moreau Mary C. Wehner
Margaret Petrequin

Spouse: Clarence Leo KARL
Birth: 2 Jul 1909, Farmington, MO
Death: 26 Aug 1995, Cincinnati, OH
Father: Leo David KARL (1872-1958)
Mother: Elizabeth BRISCHLE (1876-1960)
Marr: 8 Jul 1937, Saint Louis, MO
Children: Anne André

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